About Us

Not just another Boutique hotel, Lee Crysstal offers a journey into the world of luxury and comfort. The moment you set your foot or cross the entrance of our hotel, you feel as though you have entered an exceptional place.

Lee Crysstal, the most exclusive boutique hotel sets a new standard in luxury, style, comfort and exclusive services. With our perfect blend of sensational interiors, world-class cuisine, stunning and private rooms, we are proud to welcome you to an unrivaled hotel exclusively designed for the lovers of sophistication and comfort.

Lee Crysstal is the ideal destination to enjoy a weekend getaway, a romantic dinner, business meetings, a weekend paradise and many. Though the city’s best attractions lay just outside, the tranquil environment of the hotel makes you to escape into the soothing retreat. All around you, the stunning interiors, serene ambiance, natural wood finishes, state-of-the-art services create a sense of peace.

The nuptials between classic architecture and stunning harmony of colors, surprises and delights you at the time when you set your foot into our lobby. Stone and brick walls set the tone for all the rooms that are fully furnished with aesthetical yet modern fashion, while maintaining a classic feel.

Whether your stay is just a weekend or weeks on end, you will surely realize that your stay exceeds your expectation at Lee Crysstal. Indulge your taste buds from morning till night, starting with our complimentary wakeup hamper of hot beverage. We serve tasty cuisines with tantalizing options of cocktails at our signature restaurant.

Lee Crysstal is a luxury boutique not just in its accommodation, but also in its approach of making your stay last a lifetime.